Research Works

Intelligent gaze & finger controlled responsive Automotive head up display

Patent in progress

An eye gaze controlled intelligent dashboard is created for various functions inside the car such as Music, vent control, distraction detection, cognitive load indication, temperature adjustment etc. The dashboard is created as two variants: 1. A reflective projection on the windshield of the driver 2. A mounted screen in front of the windshield. The eye gaze is tracked using Tobi trackers and the selection is done using wireless switch integrated on the steering. The software uses machine learning for understanding the default location of the driver and calculating the eye movements with reference to the location.

Wheelchair movement using webcam based eye tracking

University Project

An eye tracking system integrated with wheelchair, for people with ALS syndrome. A webcam based eye tracker is designed to identify the eye movement of the patient. The wheelchair would move according to the four directions (forward, backward, left and right) of the eye. The aim of the project is to impart independence of motion for the patient.

E Cura-App for self diagnosis

Accenture Innovation Contest Runner-Up (Team work)

The app helps the users for self diagnosis of various ailments. Certain ailments such as Parkinson's disease, eye disorders, skin disorders etc are identified by the built-in diagnostic tests such as hand tremble detection, reading visibility, voice staggering etc. Sensors for tremble detection, gesture detection, camera for photo and feedback inputs for these tests are provided and the results are sent to the physician's ECura website for analysis. The physicians can revert to the patient by analyzing the data.

Indian Consumer Market Behavior- Research and Insights

A comprehensive study of the current trends in the Indian Consumer market in terms of the software apps, payment gateways, digital code adoption etc.

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Camping and trekking brings in the need for a portable wood burning stove. Existing range of products in this segment are pretty much basic with the designs featuring mostly open ventilation for combustion. Forced ventilation can be a better and smarter way to utilize the maximum from the available wood.

Works in Progress

Android app controlled wireless digital hearing aid for different environment settings

Although various applications such as Widex offers app controlled digital hearing aids for the users, it is not convenient to be controlled for various settings remotely. The aim of the project is to build a digital hearing aid which can be controlled remotely on an android based app and configure the same for different environment settings.

In collaboration with DBT, India

Intelligent eye gaze controlled helmet mounted display for motor bikes

Being a frequent motorbike rider, I have had many difficulties caused by helmet in terms of interaction with the outer world. Constant calls from my worried mother once I set on bike trips, sound insulation of the helmet, wrong navigation etc obscures the riding experience. Therefore I intend to create a helmet mounted display which can incorporate navigation display, sound system, microphone, call system etc on a User Display on the helmet or project them onto the  road and control the same using eye-gaze.

Pilot study in progress