More About Me

I find time to indulge in the following activities apart from research and design. They have helped shape me in what I am.

Motor Bike Riding

I was determined to learn motor bike riding despite it being a male-chauvinist activity in my country and I'm proud to call myself the owner of a motor-bike now. I enjoy the glances of wonder I steal from the on-lookers on the road.


Classical, Bollywood and Hip Hop

My passion for dance started when I was five and has since followed it. I have taken dance classes for twelve years in Classical dances such as Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Kerala Nadanam and has won various prizes. I have also tried other variations of dance forms such as Bollywood and Hip Hop and I equally enjoy them. I was also one of the co-ordinators of the dance club in college.

Horse Riding

I have always had a fascination in horse riding due to it's strong and royal style. The state I was born and brought up had no provision to learn horse riding and when I moved to Bangalore, I kickstarted taking equestrian courses from ASC Army Centre. 


Although political speeches have not been my area of expertise, I enjoy speaking to a large crowd and imparting to them what I intend to say. This has led me to emcee in various occasions in and out of college and to organize various events. I believe the emcee is indeed the anchor of the program who can lead and direct the course of events, and that's exactly what I enjoy the most.